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Effective counselling in Victoria BC for individuals and couples who are ready to start feeling better today!


Heart & Oak Therapy Victoria BC

Looking for help so you can feel better? Heart & Oak Therapy provides effective counselling for individuals and couples in Victoria BC.

Counselling in Victoria BC

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your problems?

As experienced, compassionate therapists, we are your allies in overcoming your biggest challenges and creating the life you deserve!

  • Feel safe and at ease in our calm and accepting space

  • See the bigger picture and take effective action to make life better

  • Feel a sense of relief and build resources that will serve you for years to come

  • Save time and money with our effective approaches that help you work through complex issues and arrive at a better place

  • Feel more capable of living well

The Right Counsellor Makes All The Difference

Are you looking for a therapist in Victoria BC but aren't sure where to start? We've got you covered!

Laura Brown

Laura Brown helps people create more satisfying, meaningful relationships.

Laura's a good fit for people looking to:

  • Connect more deeply with their partners

  • Feel more secure in their relationships with their own body

  • Change how they relate to food

Will Bratt

Will Bratt helps people feel more secure and at ease in their lives.

Will is passionate about helping people:

  • Feel less anxious and more at ease

  • Feel less stuck and more satisfied in life

  • Address experiences of violence or abuse, and gain support

Is Counselling Right For You?

It takes courage to reach out and address your biggest struggles. As skilled, down-to-earth, and light-hearted therapists, we help you avoid feeling shame and anxiety in accessing the help you need.

We see the best in you, and believe that you have the capacity to heal, change, and grow with our help and guidance. When you feel stuck, we help you see the possibilities for change, and reconnect with hope.

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