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Effective counselling in Victoria BC for individuals and couples who are ready to start feeling better today!


Couples Counselling

Longing to create a deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationship? Your Heart and Oak therapist can help you bring the relationship of your dreams to life.

Couples Counselling in Victoria BC

Couples Therapy

Feel satisfied and fulfilled in your love life


Improve your relationship


Restore trust with your partner


Reignite your sex life


Heal your heart and move forward


Get help in finding love


Couples Therapy

Strengthen the love, trust and commitment in your relationship

How would your relationship be different if you shared a deeper, more meaningful connection?

Do you wish you felt happier and more satisfied in your relationship?

  • Feel heard and be treated fairly

  • Rediscover your love and commitment to your partner

  • Create shared hopes and dreams for your future

  • Learn new ways of communicating and resolving conflicts

  • Express your needs safely

  • Heal from past hurts

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+How Couples Counselling Helps

Every relationship is a work in progress

Sometimes you and your partner may need outside support in strengthening your love, trust, and commitment to each other.

Couples therapy allows you to work with someone who will respectfully listen to both you and your partner, helping you find new and better ways of relating to one another.

Discover how to communicate your needs and wants in more loving and respectful ways. Redefine how you work through conflicts, and come together as a team to make your relationship better than ever!

+What if my partner doesn't want couples counselling?

Relationship therapy is a helpful tool, even when your partner isn’t ready to participate.

If you believe that couples counselling might help your relationship, but your partner does not want to join you, you can take the first step by yourself. Your counsellor will focus on the relationship, offering reflections on what both you and your partner can do to repair or improve the situation.

Even if your partner doesn't join you, couples counselling can help you:

  • Better understand how you and your partner respond to one another when times are tough
  • Explore what you can do to resolve your relationship problems
  • Identify and process personal issues you bring into the relationship
  • Have an impartial person listen and support you in making decisions about your relationship

Therapy for Infidelity

Regain the love and trust in your relationship

Have you or your partner been unfaithful in your relationship?

Are you wishing to heal your relationship from infidelity?

How would things be different if you restored the trust you once shared?

  • Regain the trust you once had between you and your partner

  • Use this challenging experience to deepen and strengthen the bond you share

  • Process difficult feelings in a safe space

  • Re-establish your needs and wants between you and your partner

  • Explore possibilities for moving forward beyond infidelity

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+How Counselling for Infidelity Helps

Infidelity can feel like an impossible hurdle in your relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker.

It is possible to heal your relationship and become a stronger team.

A supportive counsellor can help you navigate the complicated process of healing.

Explore this challenge in a safe space, and begin to redefine your relationship. Become stronger as individuals, and as a couple. Move beyond infidelity and create the relationship you have always longed for – together!

+Unsure if you want to stay in your relationship?

Sometimes infidelity is a way of creating a way out.

When a partner or couple chooses to end the relationship, counselling can still be helpful.

Partners who cheat can gain support in processing feelings of regret and guilt.

For those who have been cheated on, counselling can offer space to process feelings of hurt, betrayal, and anger.

Counselling can help both partners understand the reasoning behind the infidelity. A therapist can support you both in processing your grief over the loss of the relationship, learning from the experience, and creating space for preferred relationships in the future.

Sex Therapy

Revitalize your sex life

Do you wish it was easier to connect with your partner?

Have things in the bedroom become dull, or even a chore?

Do you long for more gratifying, hot, and passionate sex?

  • Strengthen the physical love and intimacy in your relationship

  • Get support in working through intimacy challenges

  • Explore new ways of being intimate

  • Heal past hurts and feel safe being intimate

  • Learn how to have your sexual needs met

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+How Sex Therapy Helps

Sex therapy offers a safe space to explore your sexual needs and desires.

It can help you and your partner find solutions to common issues in the bedroom that medical treatments haven't been able to address.

Feel comfortable getting support by working with a nonjudgmental, compassionate counsellor, who is knowledgeable and experienced helping people like you.

  • Learn new ways to pleasure yourself and your partner.
  • Rediscover how to set the mood in your relationship.
  • Connect more deeply.
  • Feel energized and excited again!

+Who Seeks Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is for any person or couple who feels that there is something lacking in their sex life.

Sex therapy can be done individually or with a partner. If you are in a relationship and are feeling challenged in your sex life, it can be helpful to bring your partner at some point during the therapeutic process.

It is recommended that you first seek conventional medical support for common physiological problems, including:

  • Difficulty reaching or maintaining an erection
  • Low libido
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Pain in any of the sexual organs

+What To Expect From Sex Therapy

When working with a sex therapist, you will take a close and careful look at the challenges you are experiencing, and collaborate to find practical solutions.

This may include having helpful conversations to resolve emotional or mental roadblocks related to your sexuality or sexual expression. It can also involve education on particular exercises to work on alone or with your partner at home.

Ending Relationships

Let go of relationships that no longer serve you

Have you recently ended a relationship and are wondering how to move forward?  

Are you trying to decide whether or not to end your relationship?

  • Get clarity on the next steps to take in moving forward

  • Process the grief you have in letting go

  • Work to create closure

  • Find support in creating the life and future relationships you long to have

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+How Counselling For Ending Relationships Helps

Choosing to end a relationship can be a confusing and heart breaking experience.

Heal from this major life decision more easily and quickly with the help of a relationship counsellor.

Whether you are ending a short-term or long-term relationship, it can be helpful to process your feelings of grief and loss with a professional.

A relationship counsellor can help you navigate this difficult terrain and arrive at the best possible outcome.

Get the support you need in making this life change by talking with a professional today.

Singles Coaching

Find the love and relationship you’ve always longed for!

Do you wish for a lifelong partner? 

Do you want to feel more confident and deserving of love?

How would life be different if you believed that there is someone right for you?

  • Identify the type of relationship that will meet your needs

  • Get help in creating opportunities to meet new people

  • Heal from past hurts and feel excited about dating

  • Feel hopeful and confident on your journey to falling in love

  • Believe in your worth as a future partner

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+How Singles Coaching Helps

Being single can be a frustrating and lonely experience when you long for a romantic partnership.

Speed up your search for love with the help of a relationship counsellor.

Take this opportunity to speak with someone who can help you see the qualities you want in a partner and relationship.

Your relationship counsellor can help you:

  • Develop confidence in your ability to attract a mate and meet new people
  • Work through old hurts from past experiences and make room in your life for more love
  • Feel more at ease with where you are in life, and more hopeful that you can make your dreams come true

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