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How Defensiveness Hurts Your Relationship

Laura Brown

We’ve all been there. That moment when someone says something that immediately gets your back up. You’re left with the instinctive feeling of being under attack, and the impulse is to defend. And in this defense of yourself, you might notice yourself getting heated and saying something to criticize or attack back. And suddenly you find yourself in heated conflict, unsure of how you got here and what to do next. If you’ve noticed defensiveness coming up for you in your relationships, watch this video to learn how to make sense of defensiveness, and what can potentially be done about it in your relationships!

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Things NOT to Say in a Fight With Your Partner

Laura Brown

One thing that almost all couples can relate to is conflict, and feeling regret after saying something hurtful in the heat of the moment. If you and your partner are tired of conflict that just seems to drive you apart, then this video is for you. Laura Brown shares the key things to avoid when conflict arises, so that you can feel closer and more connected!

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Couples Counselling: Will it Work For You?

Laura Brown

Couples counselling can feel like a daunting and scary undertaking, but it can also make a world of difference for struggling relationships. In this video Laura addresses some of the most common ways that couples counselling can help your relationship, so that you have a better idea of what to expect. Stay tuned to learn how a skilled counsellor can help you turn down the struggle and turn up the satisfaction!

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Social Anxiety: How to Get Over Fear of Rejection

Will Bratt

Do you ever feel like you’re all tied up in knots because you’re anxious about being rejected or disliked for who you are? If you struggle with social anxiety, it’s probably no surprise that fear of rejection is one of the biggest things people worry about. In this video Will Bratt touches on why that is, and what you can do to feel more at ease when anxiety comes a-knockin’.

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