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Anxiety Counselling

Want to get to the root of your anxiety and experience real, lasting change? Your Heart and Oak therapist can help you reclaim your sense of confidence and ease.

Counselling for Anxiety in Victoria BC

Feel Calm & Capable Coping With Life

Do you feel anxious, nervous, or worried more often than you'd like?

Would life be better if you were coping with distress differently?

Would it be easier to feel content and at ease?

  • Feel confident in your ability to deal with challenges in life
  • Experience more calm, peace, and comfort
  • Learn how to confront your fears safely
  • Feel good taking on new challenges and experiences
  • Experience new, preferred ways of responding to stressful situations

+How Anxiety Therapy Helps

Anxiety is a feeling that we all experience in response to challenging circumstances.

Sometimes it can feel very overwhelming.

It's not always clear why we feel anxious when we do, but when you take a careful look at the context around your anxiety with a counsellor, anxious feelings always make sense.

These are some of the many ways anxiety counselling can be helpful:

  • Understand the reasons you feel anxious when you do
  • Learn how to respond to anxiety-provoking situations in preferred ways
  • Gain insight into the purpose behind your anxious feelings
  • Recognize how anxiety and other feelings actually serve your wellbeing
  • Feel more at ease in your day-to-day life

Anxiety counselling can help you find solutions to restrictive worries and fears.

Common Forms of Anxiety

Click or tap the headings below to learn more about common forms of anxiety.

+Stress & Worry

  • Do you ever feel like you just can’t shake the persistent feeling of stress and worry?
  • Do you notice yourself feeling restless during the day and wakeful at night time?
  • Are your thoughts focused on a particular set of concerns, making it difficult to be present for other tasks and responsibilities?

Working with a counsellor can help you understand your stress and worry on a deeper level.

Using new insights and awareness, you’ll be better equipped to deal with stressful and worrisome circumstances in effective ways that you’ll feel good about.

What feels unmanageable and overwhelming right now will come to feel under control, leaving you with more time and energy for other things that matter.

+Panic Attacks

  • Have your feelings of distress ever been so strong that you felt like you might faint?
  • Have you ever struggled to catch your breath when you felt stressed or anxious?
  • Has your heart ever beaten so fast and strong that you were worried for your health?

People often report these kinds of experiences when they’ve had a panic or anxiety attack.

Panic attacks are a common and natural way for people to respond in situations that feel both important and overwhelming. On a very basic level, they can be our body’s way of avoiding danger and creating safety.

If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know that it is not a pleasant experience, and that the object of your anxiety may be worth exploring and coming to understand better.

When you have a deeper understanding of what you’re responding to when you have a panic attack, you open the door to new possibilities to respond in preferred ways.

With the help of a counsellor, anxiety attacks can become a thing of the past.

+Fears & Phobias

  • Do you feel fearful of a very specific kind of person, place, or thing?
  • Do you respond with discomfort or distress at the thought of interacting with or in that context?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding certain experiences because of how strongly you feel that fear?

Fears and phobias are a unique form of anxiety that many people experience at some point in their lives.

If you’ve ever been fearful of anything really specific, especially something that most other people find easier to face, you’ve likely heard at least one person say it’s an "irrational fear". At Heart and Oak, we’ve worked with many people who struggle with fears, and have yet to meet someone whose phobias don’t make sense.

Working with a therapist can help you understand the relationship between your life experiences and fear responses.

By gaining insight into why you feel the way you do, new possibilities for preferred responses become increasingly clear.

+Post-Traumatic Stress

  • Have you had an experience that was profoundly distressing and totally overwhelming?
  • Do you feel anxious in situations that never bothered you in the same way before that happened?
  • Do you struggle to feel calm and relaxed in your daily life?

If you’ve had a traumatic experience, it can be hard to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin.

A therapist can help you make sense of those events while shining a light on the knowledge, strengths, and abilities you used to survive.

While traumatic experiences can totally undermine your sense of safety, trauma counselling can help you restore your sense of security and confidence.

Learn more about trauma therapy here

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