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How we help

How we Help

Want to create real, lasting, positive change?

Learn more about the counselling approaches we use to help you feel better.

Counselling Theories That Get Results

When you're exploring new places, you always want to have a map.

When used thoughtfully, maps help us get from place to place in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

Just like a map, good counselling theories help you navigate the complex terrain surrounding your problems.

Some maps help you see things better than others. The same can be said about counselling theories.

That's why we use theories that focus on the bigger picture and the tangible details surrounding your problems.

Rather than relying on abstract, outdated ideas to guide our work with you, we use theories that illuminate all levels of context and help you see real pathways to move forward and feel better.

Response-Based Practice

Recognize your strength, resiliency, and ability to live life on your terms

Do you long to feel strong and capable of overcoming life’s challenges?

How would life be different if you had greater insight into how you respond to the world?

Would there be greater potential for making positive changes?

  • Make sense of your feelings and behaviours by looking at the bigger picture
  • Recognize how you resist the things in your life that work against you
  • Realize your capacity to live in ways that feel good

Emotional pain or distress is often difficult to bear. You may be thinking that you feel this way for no good reason at all. Perhaps other people have told you that you should be feeling or behaving differently, and that your responses are a problem.

We use Response-Based Practice to help you feel understood and more at ease by gaining new insights into how you’ve dealt with difficult experiences in your life. This helps you recognize your skillful ability to navigate adversity and make choices that serve your best interests.

Our response-based approach to counselling helps you feel reassured and uplifted, with a deeper understanding of your behaviours and emotions in context. This makes the path forward clearer and less daunting.

Solution-Focused Therapy

Focus on the solutions to your problems and feel better faster

Do you long to feel better about a problem you're struggling with?

Do you wish there was an effective and brief approach that would make a big difference?

How would life be different if you could start creating changes today?

  • Get clarity on real solutions to your problems
  • Create and achieve realistic, attainable goals
  • Realize steps you’re already taking to create the changes you want to make
  • Recognize and track your progress day by day and week to week

Focusing on the problems in your life can feel overwhelming and hopeless.

A solution-focused approach can help shift your focus away from the narrow scope of the problem, toward real, sustainable solutions.

We use a solution-focused approach to support you in creating attainable goals that will make the difference you’ve been longing for.

This approach helps you recognize important things you’re already doing to live in preferred ways, which takes the pressure to gain new tools off your shoulders.

A solution-focused approach can help you feel more connected to your existing strengths and abilities that help you do things differently.

Narrative Therapy

Understand how old stories hold you back from feeling better

Does it feel like problems are limiting the joy in your life?

Do you long to feel more empowered to live in preferred ways?

How would things be different if you felt more connected to other ways of seeing your world?

  • Recognize how problem stories limit your capacity to feel more satisfied with life
  • Gain insight into factors that contribute to problem-focused perspectives
  • Reconnect with things that support your ability to live in ways that feel better
  • Realize new possibilities that were beyond your awareness

If you're like most people, you're constantly making sense of your experiences through stories.

Every story you tell puts an emphasis on certain details, while downplaying or leaving out others.

Depending on how you tell them, your stories can be uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring, or restraining, discouraging, and depressing.

Working with a counsellor with a sharp ear for how you tell your stories can help you cast your problems in a new light.

Using Narrative Therapy can help you feel more confident and capable by understanding your problems and yourself in a whole new way.

Narrative approaches to counselling help you turn down the volume on stories that don't serve you well, while turning it up on those that support you in feeling your best.

Ready to feel the benefits of our effective counselling approaches?