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Love your body

Do you struggle in your relationship to your body or food? Your Heart and Oak therapist can help you feel the sense of wellbeing and ease you're longing for.

Body & Diet Counselling Victoria BC

Create a Better Relationship With Your Body

Body Image

Love your body and feel good about the way you look

Emotional Eating

Learn to cope with challenges without relying on food

Diet & Exercise

Reach your health and nutrition goals

Body Image Counselling

Love your body!

Do you long to feel good about your body?

How would you feel if you were more comfortable in your own skin?

Would you feel more confidence, happiness, and pride?

  • Feel confident about your body and your appearance
  • Love and accept your body inside and out
  • Get support in challenging society’s standards of beauty

How Body Image Counselling Helps

It can be hard to love and accept your body with all of the messages you receive about beauty and health.

By talking with a counsellor who really gets it, you can begin to understand and challenge the beliefs that stand in the way of feeling good about your body.

Body image counselling can help you learn how to appreciate your body for the way it is now, and develop loving and compassionate beliefs about your appearance.

Take the next step to feel good about your body – inside and out – now!

Emotional Eating Counselling

End your dependence on food for emotional relief

Do you wish you were coping with difficult feelings without relying on food?

How would life be different if you were coping differently?

Would you feel more confident, capable, and happy?

  • Adopt new, preferred ways of coping with challenging feelings
  • Amplify your preferred ways of dealing with emotional distress
  • Get the support and encouragement you need to create different habits
  • Strengthen your connection to your body and meet its needs

How Emotional Eating Counselling Helps

Food has an amazing ability to distract you from challenging emotions, like sadness, anger, and worry.

Unfortunately, the distraction food can offer you is usually only a temporary fix.

These kinds of habits can also be major roadblocks to achieving your body and wellness goals.

With the help a counsellor, you can easily make sense of why you turn to food when experiencing challenging emotions.

By taking this step, you can develop other ways of coping that fit better with your wellbeing.

Counselling for emotional eating can help you:

  • Learn to validate your feelings, offering yourself compassionate support
  • Gain awareness of when you are most likely to turn to food, and start practicing new ways of responding in those moments
  • Larn to forgive yourself when the urge to distract from your emotions with food is too great
  • Get encouragement and support along your journey toward change
  • Realize that you do not have to do this on your own, and that help is available to you right now

Diet & Exercise Counselling

Eat and move in ways that feel good!

Do you long to feel healthy inside and out?

How would things be different if you ate and exercised in a healthier way?

Would you feel more energized and capable?

  • Get support in adopting healthy eating and exercise habits
  • Develop attainable goals for positive change
  • Believe in yourself and your capacity to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Recognize and celebrate the results of your hard work

How Diet and Exercise Counselling Helps

It can be a challenge to change old eating and exercise habits.

Working with a diet and exercise counsellor can save you time and feelings of frustration.

Create attainable goals that will support you in looking and feeling better quickly.

With the help of a counsellor, you can get the support you need to create lasting changes to the way you eat and move.

Take the next step toward preferred diet and exercise habits now!

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