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Effective counselling for individuals and couples in Victoria BC who are ready to start feeling better today.


Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a lighthearted and progressive counsellor in Victoria, BC. As part of the Heart & Oak Team, Laura is committed to helping you feel better fast.

Laura Brown, MC, RCC

Couples Therapist & Counselling for Body and Diet

Are you longing to feel more fulfilled in your relationship?

Would you feel happier and healthier if things were different with your body or diet?

Are you looking for a counsellor who can help you make a noticeable change?

Laura's specialties

laura brown heart and oak therapy victoria bc

As a counsellor, Laura Brown is most passionate about helping you create satisfying, meaningful relationships.

Whether you've been longing to connect more deeply with your partner, feel more secure in your relationship with your own body, or change how you relate to food, Laura wants to help you bring your desires to life.

Laura specializes in helping you navigate the complex relational pathways to a happier, healthier life.

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Laura 's Approach

laura brown is a lighthearted counsellor at heart and oak therapy in victoria bc

Laura Brown approaches all her therapeutic work in a genuine and lighthearted way. As your therapist, she offers a warm, inviting, and safe environment to explore the issues that are most important to you.

Although your problems may feel heavy and serious, therapy doesn't always have to.

In your therapeutic conversations, Laura turns the volume way up on your strengths.

Her approach helps you feel inspired, hopeful, and motivated to take positive action.

She works in ways that uphold your dignity and sense of self, strengthen your connection to your inner-resources, and explore real solutions that fit within your unique life.

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