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Effective counselling in Victoria BC for individuals and couples who are ready to start feeling better today!


Will Bratt

Will Bratt, MA, CCC

Counselling for Anxiety, Trauma, & Abuse

Have you had a bad experience and haven't felt the same since?

Have you been struggling to feel at ease in your life?

Are you looking for a safe person to address these experiences with?

Will's Specialties

Will Bratt helps people who are looking for an ally on their healing journey.

will bratt is a counsellor at heart and oak therapy in victoria bc

If you've experienced violence, abuse, other forms of mistreatment, or trauma, you may be struggling to feel heard and understood.

If you struggle with anxiety, the path forward may seem unclear, impossible, or overwhelming.

Will specializes in meeting you where you're at in life, helping you understand and navigate these difficult challenges.

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Will's Approach

Looking for a counsellor whose approach is concrete and accessible?

Will Bratt's counselling approach is conversational, laid back, and client-directed.

will bratt is an easy-going counsellor at heart and oak therapy in victoria bc

That means you only talk about what's important to you, and work toward goals that will actually make a difference in your life.

Will uses thoughtful questions to help you explore your concerns with a fresh perspective.

His approach helps you see your problems in a new light, and gives you insight into real tangible solutions that weren't clear before.

His calm, nonjudgmental demeanour helps you feel safe and at ease while you discuss experiences that might otherwise feel hard or overwhelming.

The new understandings that Will helps you gain allow you to feel more grounded, validated, and aware of what you can do to make things better.

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