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3 Crucial Factors For Creating (and Sustaining) Change In Your Life

Laura Brown

The process of creating meaningful life changes is rarely easy. We can find ourselves feeling stuck, and learn some hard lessons along the way. In this post, Laura Brown offers deeply personal insights on 3 crucial factors for creating change, which she learned the hard way through her own self-development work.

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What I Wish I Knew About Handling Fears, Doubts, and Worries

Laura Brown

Fear is naturally something to be avoided.  That’s how it works!  It tells you, “that thing might not be safe”, and you, as the smart person you are, do what you can to keep bad things from happening.

You’ve also probably experienced how it can be counter-productive to listen to your fears all the time. While they largely have your best interests in mind, they can also show up when you have an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow.

In this post, Laura Brown offers her hard earned knowledge on how to keep fears, doubts, and worries from stopping you along the path toward bringing your desires to life.

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How To Get to the Heart of What You Really Want to Change

Laura Brown

If you’re just on the cusp of giving therapy a shot, but aren’t sure exactly what you want help with, fear not. This is actually one way counsellors can be really helpful. A great way to start the process of identifying what you do want to change is by reflecting on what’s not working for you. Read this post for a little help and guidance through that process.

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The Benefit of Knowing What You Don't Want

Laura Brown

You know that you want something in your life to be different, even if the specific thing you want to change isn’t quite clear. As unlikely as it may sound, this is an important and necessary place for you to be, as your feelings are giving you the loud and clear message that you need something better. In this post, Laura Brown illustrates how identifying what you don't want can help you better recognize what you do.

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