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Social Anxiety: How to Get Over Fear of Rejection

Will Bratt

Do you ever feel like you’re all tied up in knots because you’re anxious about being rejected or disliked for who you are? If you struggle with social anxiety, it’s probably no surprise that fear of rejection is one of the biggest things people worry about. In this video Will Bratt touches on why that is, and what you can do to feel more at ease when anxiety comes a-knockin’.

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Addressing the Social Roots of Your Anxiety

Will Bratt

Not everyone feels anxious in the exact same settings and circumstances, but absolutely everyone can identify with those awful feelings of dread, unrest, worry, and panic in some way, shape, or form. Social anxiety gets a lot of attention, but did you know that other forms of anxiety that may not appear to be social in nature actually are? In this post Will Bratt explains how and why most anxiety is, at the end of the day, social in nature, and how identifying that for yourself can help you feel more at ease in anxious moments.

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What I Wish I Knew About Handling Fears, Doubts, and Worries

Laura Brown

Fear is naturally something to be avoided.  That’s how it works!  It tells you, “that thing might not be safe”, and you, as the smart person you are, do what you can to keep bad things from happening.

You’ve also probably experienced how it can be counter-productive to listen to your fears all the time. While they largely have your best interests in mind, they can also show up when you have an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow.

In this post, Laura Brown offers her hard earned knowledge on how to keep fears, doubts, and worries from stopping you along the path toward bringing your desires to life.

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